Testing Labs & How We Use Them

To further the efforts in our mission of HEALTH (or... Helping Everyone Achieve a LifeTime of Health), we have partnered with several testing labs, including local labs, so that in addition to being able to offer you discounted test rates, you are able to choose from dozens of test options. This is also an advantage for us as we work to help clients with a number of health concerns &/or goals.

To see the tests that each of our partners offer, hover over the "Testing" menu tab above, and select the lab you would like to browse. Pay close attention as various tests require various types of samples; ranging from urine, hair, saliva, or blood.

When you see a test that you'd like to order, contact our office first so that we can put in the order for you. This not only ensures that you will get a discounted rate on the test, but it also ensures that your test results will securely (& privately) get back to us. We will contact you the moment we get your test results in, and from there, help you setup an appointment to review your results, &/or help forward your results to your primary physician, or to one of our network physicians (at a discounted rate).

We thank you for taking the time to browse our website, our services, and our partners. We hope to provide an outstanding and professional experience for you soon!

Scientist in the Lab