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Professional health consultations are some of the most enriching and rewarding forms of health-care and wellness services available, as they can help to shed light on potential or existing health problems, concerns, &/or goals. 

While anyone can become a "health expert" through their own experiences or secondary education (in nutrition &/or fitness), a person only becomes a true "health professional" when their pursuit of health and wellness takes them down a path that borders the realm of both natural and medical knowledge; as it takes education and wisdom in both to fully appreciate how closely intertwined they are.

Dr. Len not only holds several degrees (& certifications / licenses) in natural health fields, but also holds a degree in pharmacology (incl. medical science). With over 40 years of both natural and medical wisdom, Dr. Len is one of the leading health professionals in the nation.

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Coupled with Dr. Len's extensive health-care background, we are partnered with several labs and medical offices, to ensure that our clients receive the most comprehensive, alternative health-care possible... as well as the most memorable consultation experience they've had.

What is the difference between Member & Client Consultations?

Since alternative health care is rarely covered by insurance providers, we have created our own Discount Program, where Discount Members gain access to special pages on our website (incl. the Member Services page), where they gain access to service, event, and workshop discounts.

Non-members (or "general clients") may still receive promos (by subscribing to our Lifestyle Rewards Program), but the bulk of our discounts are gained through our Discount Program.

Webinars & Our Talk Show

Each day, Dr. Len hosts a YouTube talk show called "Your Daily Dose", where he discusses "hot topics" or current health-related news. At the end of each show, he will "open the lines" for anyone to call in and ask him questions about the day's topic / show. For more info on our talk show, or to find out how or when to call in, call our office at:

(678) 228-8900.

In addition to a daily talk show, we also offer webinars (both free and paid) on a regular basis. For info on our latest (or upcoming) webinars, please visit our "News & Events" page, or click HERE.

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Workshops & Special Events

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Like our webinars, we regularly host or are part of affiliate workshops and special events, throughout the year. For our latest or upcoming workshops and special events, please visit our "News & Events" page, or click HERE.


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