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Our Webstore vs. Our Dispensaries

At a glance, our online shopping experience seem a bit confusing. First, we have our  webstore, which contains the products that we physically carry in our store, or products that we catalog and direct-ship to you via our partnered shippers. Next, we have our "affiliate shops", aka Dispensaries, who are independent stores, with their own product inventory, and their own shipping policies.

When you order from our webstore, you can earn Lifestyle Points which can be redeemed for various rewards (if you're signed up for our Reward Program: see the Lifestyle Rewards button on the bottom-left side of our website). When an order that you've placed through our webstore gets lost in transit, it is our staff that takes care of that for you. However... when you place an order through one of our affiliate stores / dispensaries, you must contact them when you need fulfillment on a lost package, or when you need to learn how to sign up or log into their websites.

To view our policies, click HERE, or navigate to the bottom of our page and click the policy you wish to view.

To view a list of our current affiliates &/or their policies, click HERE and choose the affiliate you want to view the policies of, or contact.