New Clients

Welcome to The Nutrition Shoppe!

Thank you for considering us as your new lifestyle practitioner! If you haven't reviewed exactly who we are or what we do, then we invite you to visit our 

ABOUT US page to learn about us and our mission.


If you're ready to register yourself (or on behalf of someone else) as a new client, let us explain how that process works:


Register as a New Client

You have 2 options to register as a New Client:

Click HERE... for our easy, online form (which is instantly submitted to us)

- or -

Click HERE... for our online, fillable PDF form, which you can either print out and hand-fill, or pre-fill online and then print out; either of which you will have to bring to your first appointment.


Book and attend your Initial Consult

If you choose to use our online form, you will automatically be redirected to our New Client Booking page, otherwise (e.g. for those who opt to bring their paperwork in), you will need to click HERE to book your first consultation.

Please note that a $75 non-refundable deposit will be required prior to confirming your first consultation date and time; with the balance due upon completion of the consultation.


Enjoy the road to a healthier Lifestyle

After your initial consultation, you may use our standard online booking page, or call our office, to create an appointment for followup consultations, coaching sessions, and workshops for registered clients.

If you have any questions or concerns about how to register as a new client, please contact us, using the "Contact Us" chat button to the bottom-right, by emailing us via our Contact page, or by calling our office @ (678) 228-8900.