Our Home Church

While it is our mission to serve our clients as best we can to help them achieve their health concerns &/or goals, we refer those who are in need of "spiritual consultation" to the counselors of our "home church": a local church called One Church (formerly Heritage Christian). They are right off of Redwine Road (click HERE for directions), and have a lot to offer; including adult and children ministries / programs, and even an online, live sermon, each Sunday morning.

Not only is One Church our "home church", but each year, we host our annual "Be Healthy" fair, and One Church generously offers their grounds for the event.


So why not check them out today? Click HERE to visit the One Church website, or HERE to watch some of the videos they have broadcast.

Bible Lessons

Other Ministries We Support


We not only support the following ministries (with our time / volunteering or money), but we are always encouraging others to support them as well. In addition to the ministry / outreach itself, each offers something valuable to the community. We encourage you to review them for yourselves and give where you can.

  • The I-58 Mission ~ A living essentials ministry, who collects food, clothing, household goods, & baby goods and distributes them to low-income families / individuals

  • Diakonia Outreach Ministry ~ A low-income and homeless veteran assistance ministry, who also regularly hosts discipleship programs and weekend retreats (similar to Walk to Emmaus). As they are a fairly new ministry, they do not yet have a website, but if you're interested in serving or donating, you can reach out to them at

  • A Better Way Ministries ~ A counseling and program-based ministry who's mission is to help those with substance abuse and other controlling issues

  • Christian Leaders Institute ~ A free (donation supported) Christian college, who is accredited and offers a range of courses; from certificates to degrees