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With over 20 lab partners, we now have over 1000 types of labs that can be selected from, ensuring that your health needs &/or interests will be met. Our primary lab provider is LabCorp, who has dozens of specimen collection sites, and also offers mobile specimen collection: where the specimen clinician travels to you! In addition to convenient collection sites and methods, LabCorp also accepts most types of insurance.

While you are free to browse and "favorite" the tests you would like to have done, the lab order must be done through us... not only because LabCorp requires a physician's order, but also because, as your health practitioner and advisor, we may need to review &/or refine your test interests.

For more information, call our office @ (678) 228-8900 and speak to one of our health specialists, or visit our Book Now page and schedule an appointment for a lab test assessment.

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