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Welcome to The Nutrition Shoppe, the Only Health Center
You'll Need on the Road to Discovering Optimal Health and Wellness.

Since 2009, our multi-service health and wellness center has provided high-quality, professional health-care for seniors, adults, teens, and children (as young as infants), through health consultations, fitness plans, homeopathic and naturopathic supplement regimens, thermography scans, and much more. We are a multi-specialty practice that offers an extensive range of consultation, coaching, health scan, lab test (via 3rd party / affiliates), and other health / wellness services. We are located at 1200 Highway 74 South (Suite 3) in Peachtree City (Georgia), inside the Wilshire Pavilion, between "Off the Hook Marine Fish" (pet store) and "Buck's Pizza". We accept Health Consultation appointments Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. Under special circumstances, appointments may also be scheduled on Wednesdays or Saturdays, between 11:00 am to 2:00 pm (these appointments cannot be scheduled online; call our office at 678-228-8900 for details).

Our practice welcomes walk-in clients and provide their selected service as quickly as possible (including dedicated, regularly-sanitized rooms for consultations). As we are only a health and wellness consultation, coaching, and supplement center, we do not offer services for emergency situations: If you require emergency health services, call 911 or your regional emergency service number.

Our practitioners only speak English during our consultations and other services, but we are constantly working to improve our website's multilingual capabilities so that our site and webstore products can be browsed in our customer's native language. If your native language isn't currently supported on our website, send us an Email and we will look into getting it added.

At The Nutrition Shoppe, our knowledgeable staff and highly experienced consultants and coaches are known for their courtesy, integrity, and professionalism. We are a Christian, family-oriented office that offers the most current advice and education in health and wellness. Our warm and welcome office provides a relaxing (incl. aromatherapy misters and soft music) atmosphere to help customers and clients of all ages feel more comfortable during their visits. We always put the needs of our customers and clients first, and respect their personal preferences to provide the best health and wellness experience possible.

Come and discover why our practice has earned the trust, confidence, and loyalty of individuals and families throughout the world. Stop in today to browse our ever-growing and changing inventory of high-quality, GMP-certified supplements and other health products, or give your pursuit of a healthier life a kick into the fast-lane by booking an appointment with us today, either online or by giving us a call at (678) 228-8900.

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A Long Tradition of Affordable Health-Care

Helping to Make Health-Care More Affordable

For over 10 years, our healthcare professionals and staff have provided high-quality, natural healthcare to individuals and families around the world. Our experienced practitioners offer a wide selection of consultation services and high-quality products, from Health Consultations, Fitness & Weight Loss Programs, Healthy Cooking Programs, Thermography Exams, Homeopathic Medicines, Nutraceutical & Herbal Supplements, and Educational Programs (including our Talk Show, Special Events, and Webinars).

We realize that many individuals and families are not able to get the health-care they need due to the cost of most medical services and insurance plans. This is why our practitioners (including our HHP; or Health Hub Program), offer several different ways to ease the cost of health-care. In addition to having our own Discount Plans, many of our HHP Professionals will accept most forms of health insurance. In addition to our Discount Plans, we also offer a free subscription to our Lifestyle Rewards Program; a program which rewards our customers when they watch our talk shows, participate in our workshops, play our minigames, refer others to us, and more.


To sign up for our Lifestyle Rewards Program, click the blue "Rewards" tab on the bottom-left side of

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We're not simply a local health-care provider, supplement store, and wellness center... but also a community of like-minded individuals who all care about our own health as well as yours. As such, in addition to the health fairs and events that WE host, we often work with our staff and community members with their health events.​

We are more than just a "supplement store and wellness center"... we are a gathering of health-conscious, health-wise, and health-pursuing individuals who have come together to work towards a common goal and interest: H.E.A.L.T.H. (or... Helping Everyone Achieve A LifeTime of Health)... e.g. our mission and motto!

If you would like to become part of "our community", and receive notifications on our updates, sales, health / special events, and more, then sign up and join the TNS Community today!

Dr. Len Brancewicz, R.Ph, NMD, MD(H)

"I strive to give my clients and customers the absolute best courtesy, professionalism, and care in a comfortable and relaxing environment."

In an effort to deliver the most diverse amount of options to best optimize a person's health needs and goals, we created an Partner Network Program that we have called the Health Hub: a network program very similar to the "in networks" used by traditional practitioners to help lower costs for patients who use providers within their network.

Any practitioner (incl. medical doctors, chiropractors, labs, etc.) or health advocate (incl. gym, fitness center, health food store, etc.) is welcome to apply to become a Health Hub Pro (HHP), because we want to not only be able to provide a wide variety of options to optimize a person's health, but also want to be able to provide the most affordable path to health and wellness that we can; and many of our HHPs offer us discounts, which we pass on to our clients.